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Hosting in the "New Normal"

Now, more than ever, the world needs to come together. And I don't just mean that metaphorically. As our state is learning what it looks like to open back up, while still maintaining health and safety guidelines, Biblical Hospitality is needed more than ever. I hope to encourage you in safely practicing hospitality in your own home as we all navigate this "new normal".

Challenge: Invite someone over to your home who is different than you! Different beliefs, different race, or different political views - and then LISTEN to their perspectives, stories, and experiences.

Check out my first Vlog below for some helpful tips to hosting people safely in your home, as well as why we would even attempt to take the risk of doing such a thing in a post-COVID world.

CDC Health & Safety Guidelines:

Fish Cleaning Table:

Blueberry Cobbler:

Recipe courtesy of family friend, Kent Sawatzky.


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