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About Me

Toni Moore, Hospitality House of Tulsa Founder & CEO

Toni Moore, CEO and Founder of Hospitality House of Tulsa


In 2004, Toni and her long-time friend, Brooke Gage, founded Philos Hospitality, Inc. Based on Biblical hospitality, this organization provides lodging, meals, prayer support, and transportation assistance for patients and caregivers through their Hospitality House of Tulsa program. Toni’s personal experience with her own family’s medical crisis, combined with her 15-year career in healthcare administration, and her passion for studying biblical hospitality has equipped Toni to inherently know and understand the needs of families in medical crisis.


Toni has served as a board member for the Healthcare Hospitality Network which supports over 180 hospital hospitality houses nationwide through education, networking, and certification.


Toni is an inspiring public speaker and is often called to present keynote presentations and teach on the topics of:

· Practicing Biblical Hospitality in a Hostile Culture

· Biblical Hospitality and the Health of the Church

· Hospitality within Healthcare

· How to Bring God Into Your Business

· Moving from Vision to Mission


Toni was recognized by the Journal Record as Oklahoma’s Most Admired CEO for 2021 and 50 Women Making a Difference in 2021. In the past 18 years, more than 8,700 families from all 77 counties in Oklahoma, 48 states, and 9 countries have found a home away from home at Hospitality House of Tulsa. Toni and her husband Clay have been married for 37 years and have two grown children who are married and reside in Tulsa. In April of this year, Toni and Clay welcomed their first grandchild, Emmett to the family.

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